Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Download FIREFOX nightly browser Latest Build

Mozilla firefox latest version:

Here i'm providing some information about the latest version of Firefox nightly browser which is most commonly used the days.

Firefox Nightly update finally introduced a new built-in download panel which is displayed on the top right and shows the time remaining until the download finishes. There's no new default theme yet, but for instance, the new tab page is already available for quite some time.
You will also find out the new home page (has been available in Nightly for a while) on your Firefox Nightly which lets you quickly access the downloads, bookmarks, history, addons, sync and settings.  And It also include a built-in HTML5 PDF viewer which helps you in reviewing some online PDF files on your Mozilla web browser. So follow the instructions given below to install Firefox Nightly on your Ubuntu system.
Key Features of Nightly Tester Tools
  • Titlebar customization
  • Build ID retrieval
  • Copy list of extensions to clipboard
  • Screenshots
  • Open profile folder
  • Test crashing
  • Force addon compatibility
  • View pushlog of changes since last nightly
You can also check out other details about Nightly Tester Tools on their Official Add-on Page.
Download Firefox Nightly for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux
Steps to Download Nightly

1.Click on link
2.wait for 5 seconds skip ad
4.You are done...........

Cheers!!!!!!!you have completely downloaded Mozilla Firefox nightly Latest build

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