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How to download torrents using IDM

download the same torrent file from IDM
All of us know very well that Torrent is the biggest platform for downloading stuff.We can easily download any type of file like movies,mp3,soft wares,games,videos and much more.
But there is a problem always with torrents as it download your file with the help of its own download system.This download manager slows your downloading speed and decreases up to fifty percents because The download speed of torrent depends on many factors like seeders,leeches,peers, Internet connection and much more.This is the major problem with torrents which all of us hates.

But what if we can download the same torrent file from IDM(Internet Download Manager)?I am sure all of you are much aware of IDM,the download manager which increases your downloading speed up to 200%.Yes its true we can easily download the same file using IDM.No,there is no need to perform the various operations like a programmer with different confusing codes.Its as easy as to surf the internet.So I am going to talk about these simple steps in this post.

How Is It Possible
The whole phenomenon is possible by using online tool called ZbigZ.com.By using which you will be available to download your torrents file in just a few clicks steps and within a minute.Also there was same site called Torrific.com but it gives some time server down problem.But the tool or site which I am going to explain here is another one which is free,fast and effective.

Advantages of downloading torrent files with IDM:

As I already mentioned above the feature of IDM here are some advantages of using IDM
  • IDm increases your downloading speed up to 200% or either you can say it it increases downloading speed 5 times that of your simple browser downloading speed.
  • Internet download manager speed does not depend on seeders,leeches etc,it only depends on your Internet connection. So, you can download torrent files with IDM without any difficulty.
  • If you are a student or employee and your office or school has high speed internet connection such as wi-fi,In most cases your wifi will be blocked by administrate.So this is the best solution for this kind of problem.
Also read:

  • 1.First go to Zbigz.com
  • 2.Signup for a free account there.
  • 3.After the signup process is finished go to your torrent search engine and search for the file which you want to download with idm.
c file from IDM
  • 4.Then download the torrent file from your desired torrent.
download the same torrent file from IDM
  • 5.Now go to Zbigz.com[Click Here].
  • 6.Then click on upload and choose the torrent file which you have downloaded previously then click on button Go.
  • 7.Then a window will pop up asking for premium or free download.Choose FreeDownload.
free and premium accounts zbigz
  • 8.After choosing free your torrent file will be downloaded by high speed servers and your file will be ready to download(If its a large file then wait for few minutes)
 torrent file with internet download manager

  • 9.That's it your download will be ready and you can download torrent files with idm with a speed which you dreaming of and download everything you want with ease.
Having A Problem
If you face any kind of problem while downloading or zipping the file and you are not able to download your file due to any other reason then you are most welcome to ask in comments below.I am always available for you and absolutely will solve your problem.Thanks ,stay cool and keep visiting for other similar tutorials.


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