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How to Download Torrents on all Mobile platforms

start1In last post I had discussed about how you can use your IDM(Internet Download Manager) to download stuffs or files from torrent platform download and download files with a speed five time faster than the speed of torrent client.I have share whole the process in detail for the same.Now its time to  switch towards mobile users.Today I am going to describe the tools or software by which you will be able to download torrents file using your mobile phone.
Now most important part you are thinking right now is that these tools or applications will be compatible with Android or IOS platform?No,absolutely not these tools are compatible with all platform not like a android app as always.Torrent is always a desktop feature and most of the users are not aware of the mobile client of torrent.

Though they are some what illegal as it violates copyrights issues to some extent but it doesn’t meter everybody use them to get their favorite movies ,songs ,software etc and I know you are one of them.Torrent clients for mobile have been around for quite some time now and are still developing, Now in this post I am going to tell you why and how it is possible that some mobile apps which will help you continue your torrents download on the go.


You might want to ask why would someone download torrents on mobile phones? Well, that depends from person to person. There can be many reasons, let me try to make it clear to you.
  • One of the most common and simplest problem,you don’t have any pc,laptop and desktop and you are a fan of torrent and loves to download stuff from torrents then this will works for you.
  • The second is speed.Like you have a good internet speed at office or college as compared to your home and pc cannot be taken anywhere but mobile phone can be.hence it is best option.
  • Download on the go.say you are travelling in some distant journey.The same case here you can’t take your pc with you.The best option is mobiles in your pocket.
  • You can’t keep the PC turned on for hours to download something. Again, that’s not the case with the little piece of technology in your pocket.
  • There has to be a reason for everything? Just do whatever you like and enjoy everything on mobile because mobiles are  the future of technology.

This application is for symbian users(Nokia)It allows you to download multiple files at once,. So basically everything your desktop software is capable of, is supported by this application. This application is free under GNU General Public License and available for free download.
Platform: Symbian
Download SymTorrent

Well you are thinking right now that symbain upper versions(s60+) have number of applications and these Smartphone are costly and expensive too.A question will arise in your mind about S40 series(mostly used series).Well There is some good news. MobTorrent is exclusively programmed for S40 phones, and can run torrent client on these phones as well. It is developed by the same group, who developed SymTorrent – AMORG.
Platform: Java ME
Download MobTorrent

IS Drive is a Bit Torrent client for iOS devices like,  iPhone, iPod and iPad. It was initially designed for managing ImageShack’s torrent download service, but then adopted to get stuff from isoHunt and Mininova.
Platform: iOS
Download IS Drive


This app is for Windows Phone users.Torrent Buddy does not download files on your Windows Phone device, instead it just remote-control the client installed on your PC. It’s a best tool for WP7.5 (and above) users. 
Platform: Windows Phone
Download Torrent Buddy


It is a nice app for Android users to download anything from piratebay, isohunt and mininova. Unlike the other apps in Play Store, there is no speed limit in the free version of Rutracker. There are many great features, which you can check on the application page in the store.
Platform: Android
Download Rutracker Downloader


This is a great tool for Blackberry users.BBtor is a client based on peer-to-peer file sharing protocol.  It supports all type of data transfers like, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi. Plus, UDP trackers work with this app.
Platform: BlackBerry
Download BBtor
From The Editor desk:
So it was all about some featured torrents clients which suits best for any platform of mobile devices and now you can enjoy your torrent download on the go with a better speed.In case you any query and problem regarding these application then you are most welcome to ask in the comments.For further tutorials and updates like us on facebook and subscribe us.Stay cool and enjoy the life.

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