Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rename a Series of Files(once) in windows

When you connect your digi cam to your computer you see many files named in series like md101, md102 and so on.
You can do this thing by yourself on other files too.

To do this

• Open any folder containing files that you want to rename.

• Select the files you want to rename.
If the files you want are not adjacent in the file list, press and hold Ctrl, and then click each item to select it.

• On the File menu, click Rename.

• Type the new name, and then press ENTER.

• All of the files in the series will be named in sequence using the new name you type. For example, if you type ABCD, the first will be named ABCD and subsequent files in the series will be named ABCD(1), ABCD(2), and so on.

• To specify the starting number for the series, type the starting number in parentheses after the new file name.

The files in the series will be numbered in
sequence starting with the number you type.
For example, if you type ABCD(10), the other files will be named ABCD(11), ABCD(12), and so on.
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