Saturday, 29 September 2012


Uninor today announced the
launch of Talk Time Transfer
service for its customers in
Bihar and Jharkhand. This
facility allows Uninor prepaid
subscribers to“transfer as well
ask” for talk time to their
family, friends or associates in-
case of a requirement or any
other exigencies. What makes
this offer more innovative for

customers is the fact that he or
she can even ask for talk-time
even at a zero balance.
Subscribers can transfer

balance amounts ranging from
a minimum of Rs. 5 to a
maximum of Rs. 50 at one go;
on any given day a maximum
of 7 such transactions are
allowed. This facility is
available only between 2
MSISDNS of Bihar circle,
anywhere in the
country.Subscriber A can
transfer any amount between
Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to subscriber B
by dialing à *202**#. Talktime
can be asked by dialing *
201**#. Every successful
transfer of talk-time would be
intimated through SMS to both
the parties and Rs. 2 will be
deducted as processing fee
from the amount transferred.
Subscriber has to do minimum
of two recharges while being
there in Uninor network,
before being able to use the
balance transfer
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