Tuesday, 4 September 2012

How to Block ads on WEB and browse faster

Adblock Plus for Chrome — for annoyance free web surfingMost of you uses slower internet connection,right?It takes a heavy time to load a site which has more number of adds,usually best sites have adds for their earning purpose.This cause a major problem for loading the page as lots of adds takes much time to load and hence slower down your connection speed.

Earlier i have posted a tutorial on                How to Increase Internet speed
there are number of adds nowadays including pop ups,rich image and rich script containing ads even video ads which takes almost double the time to load as compared to your actual site 
Now you don't have to worry about it as there is an extension which will block all type of adds whatever they are on any type of website as well.this extension is called as ad block pro and it is easy to install and 100% free.It is supported by Google chrome and Firefox.
I will tell you th
e simple ways to just install it-

  • first visit the site Adblock Plus.
  • Download the extension for your browser and install it as shown
  • Adblock Plus for Chrome — for annoyance free web surfing

  • Now the icon will display on sidebar and you can disable and enable it by clicking on tools>extension.
  • Now it will be working for your browser and keep you internet surfing fast
  • Chrome Web Store   Home
WAY 2-THERE IS ALSO AN ALTERNATIVE WAY       to download this extension by going to Google chrome webstore in case you are using Google chrome   .webstore     and search there.
Addblock is the mostly using tool that can be helpful to increase your internet speed.If you have any problem regarding installation you may ask by commenting below.

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