Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Top 30 useful sites for everyone Newbie

best sitesToday I am going to share the best and useful site which is must for every individual who surf the Internet world.Even as the Web has become more entertaining--and certainly better looking--over the past 15 years, it has also become much more useful . I've also mixed in a smattering of sites that you might not use every day.These Sites will Keep You Dialed In Every Day to make surfing through Internet easily.
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  1. screenr.com – record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.
  2. bounceapp.com – for capturing full length screenshots of web pages.
  3. qClock – find the local time of a city using a Google Map.
  4. postpost.com – a better search engine for twitter.
  5. iconfinder.com – the best place to find icons of all sizes.
  6. coralcdn.org – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.
  7.  pdfescape.com – lets you can quickly edit PDFs in the browser itself.
  8. imo.im – chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place.
  9. midomi.com – when you need to find the name of a song.
  10. downforeveryoneorjustme.com – find if your favorite website is offline or not?
  11. google.com/history – found something on Google but can’t remember it now?
  12. aviary.com/myna – an online audio editor that lets record, and remix audio clipsview very high-resolution images in your browser without scrolling
  13. scribblemaps.com – create custom Google Maps easily
  14. mailvu.com – send video emails to anyone using your web cam
  15. stupeflix.com – make a movie out of your images, audio and video clips.
  16. youtube.com/leanback – Watch YouTube channels in TV mode.
  17.  youtube.com/disco – quickly create a video playlist of your favorite artist.
  18.  talltweets.com – Send tweets longer than 140 characters.
  19. pancake.io – create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account.
  20.  builtwith.com – find the technology stack of any website..
  21. translate.google.com – translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents.
  22.  kleki.com – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.
  23. similarsites.com – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already
  24. ctrql.org/rss – a search engine for RSS feeds.
  25. iwantmyname.com – helps you search domains across all TLDs.
  26.  homestyler.com – design from scratch or re-model your home in 3d.
  27.  join.me – share you screen with anyone over the web.
  28. onlineocr.net – recognize text from scanned PDFs – see other OCR tools.
  29. google.com/webfonts – a good collection of open source fonts
  30. hackedbits.blogspot.com - A good collection of pc mobile and social hacks.
If you have any website other than these you can share in comments below.

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